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Student Costs & Tuition  

Program Cost

  • Students will be under an excessively repeated welding program, usage of materials is based on the consumption of metals and consumables through each phase. $9010.00 per student.

  • Student handbooks and starter tool buckets consist of personal protective equipment such as safety glasses, and a welding hood. Tools consist of a file, chipping hammer, weld gauges, and electrode holder. $550.

  • Student housing costs are estimated by the cost of the local area market. GRWI can provide housing options available in the local area for students and families. GRWI can assist in finding and providing housing for eligible students. 

  • Students are not required to stay in a housing associated with GRWI.

Student Institution Cost

20-Week Program Fee

Registration Fee                      $100.00

Tuition                                    $12,600.00

Materials                                 $9,010.00

Starter Bucket                          $550.00

Housing                                    $4,000.00

Total                                   $26,260.00


Sanitary Program Fee

Registration Fee                      $100.00

Tuition                                       $2,780.00Materials                         $2,765.00

Materials/Tools                        $250.00  

Housing                                       $800.00

Total                                     $6,695.00

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  •   Military (active, reserve or veterans) $1000 OFF   

  •    A+ Grads receive $1000 OFF ​

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